Spend Time in Nature

We will only protect and invest in what we value and love.
Love of nature should be a fundamental core value that gets passed on in every generation

Nature is so much more than a life support system for humans. For conservation and sustainable development to be successful we need to know what we are protecting and why we are protecting it. There are so many varied reasons to value nature. While cultures and individuals will construct their own narratives about it, nature is fundamental to us all. To root these narratives in ourselves and in our children we must spend time in it, learn about it, and feel part of it.

Some Fun and Simple Ways to Connect With Nature

Nature Photography

Any camera works. This is fun for the whole family.

Canoeing / Kayaking

Insect Collecting

  • Check out this incredible online database and guide to insects: BugGuide.net

Get curious and learn about nature

Tons of info, advocacy, resources and activities here: naturecanada.ca

Check out these groups you can join and who host nature events and activities:

TRCA - Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests - LEAF

TEA - Toronto Entomologists Association

TOC - Toronto Ornithology Club