Save Energy

Find ways to reduce your energy usage at home, at your business, and in your modes of transportation.
This not only reduces your ecological footprint, but could save you money

Canada Greener Homes Grant - Energy Retrofit Rebates

Bullfrog Power - investing in green energy infrastructure

Canadian Guide to Home Efficiency ~ City of Calgary Tips for Personal Climate Action
Consider looking into: Smart Thermostats, LED lighting, weather stripping, spray foam insulation, solar roofing

Check out PACE as a financing option for property improvements in your home or business

Green Calgary
An urban environmental charity helping Calgarians improve sustainability in their homes, work places, schools, and communities.

Consider European brands for major appliances

For example, investing a Miele washer dryer set will get you top energy and water efficiency, 20+ years of functionality, and reduced wear on clothing.

Car share, carpool, walk, bike, public transit