Sustainable Food

Invest in food and farmers that offer a sustainable story.

Buy more local, eat more whole foods, cook more.

Inspiring Examples of Sustainable Agriculture...

Farming that Mimics Nature

Rice Farming - Masanobu Fukuoka

see also

Cattle Farming - Allan Savory 

see also

Fish Farming - Dan Barber (talking about Veta La Palma)

"Niche Stacking" at the Polyface farm in Virginia - Joel Salatin

Urban Examples

Katie's Krops - a 14-year-old girl who started a national movement

check out this article of Katie at age 17 and now the CEO of Katie's Krops

Reclaiming urban spaces for food production - Pam Warhurst

Permaculture Food Forest in New Jersey - James Prigioni

Office Farming in Japan

The Gangster Gardener - Ron Finley

Rooftop Gardening in India

Sustainable Food Options for Calgarians


YYC Growers - Affordable home-delivered local produce 

A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)-style harvest box filled with food produced by local regenerative farmers from in around Calgary and Southern Alberta. 

Find more CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture)

Here are some more home delivery grocery options:
The Organic Box  ~  

Find a Farmer's Market in Calgary - Avenue Calgary

Alternative Grocery Stores - Calgary Lifestyle Guide

Fish and Meat

Here are some outstanding meat producers who are stewards of the land and experts at animal care:

Burke Creek Ranch ~ Mitchell Bros. Beef  ~ TK Ranch

Flat Cap Butchers - sustainably sourced butcher shop

Harry's Natural Meats - sustainably sourced butcher shop

truLOCAL - home delivered sustainable, local meat

YYSeafood - sustainably sourced seafood

stay informed about sustainable seafood:

Grow Your Own Food

Learn to Garden - City of Calgary Resources for Gardeners

Doug - The Easy-Growing Garden - An AMAZING source of biologically active, nutrient-rich soil, mulch, and much more.  Incredible kits too!

Get native plants at:      ALCLA    &    Eagle Lake Nurseries

Find or create a community garden
Check out Calgary's YardSmart Program for great tips and garden design guides

Calgary Horticultural Society - Join the community!  Tons of resources and connections to be found

Calgary Gardening Facebook Group - this is huge, active, helpful, wonderful online community for gardeners of all abilities

WWOOF - World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

for WWOOF Canada visit

Sustainable Food Options for Torontonians


Joyfully Organic Farm - my favourite local farmers

Home Delivery Organic Produce - BlogTO

My favourite right now... Fresh City Farms (with greenhouses in the city!)

Find a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Find a Farmer's Market in Toronto

check out Appletree Markets and this article for more

Alternative Grocery Stores - BlogTO

Fish and Meat

Hooked - sustainably sourced seafood

stay informed about sustainable seafood:

truLOCAL - home delivery sustainable, local meat

The Healthy Butcher - sustainably sourced meat

Butchers of Distinction - sustainably sourced meat

Sanagan's Meat Locker - sustainably sourced meat

Grow Your Own Food

GrowTO Action Plan - an urban agriculture action plan for Toronto

Cultiavte TO - let them grow a CSA in your backyard!

Toronto Urban Growers - this is PACKED with resources and people

Toronto Seed Library - get free seeds and help with your veggie garden

WWOOF - World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

for WWOOF Canada visit